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Pursuant to 24-72-205 C.R.S the District's research and retrieval fee is $30 per hour.

The District's policy is the following:

1. It shall be the policy of the District to provide public records on request and to recover its actual costs of providing copies of public records, all subject to and pursuant to the requirements of C.R.S. §24-72-205.

2.The District shall charge a fee not to exceed the statutory amount, currently twenty-five cents per standard page, for a copy of a public record, or a fee not to exceed the actual cost of providing a copy, printout, or photograph of a public record which cannot be reproduced on a standard page by standard copying methods.

3.The District shall charge a reasonable fee for data manipulation or for reproduction of electronic information not generated by a word processing system. The reasonable fee shall be determined by the time spent at the customary hourly paid by the District for the services necessary to manipulate the data or reproduce the electronic information, and may include recovery of actual incremental costs of providing the electronic services and information system, or both.