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New Mailing Address
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Sump Pump Inspections
The Sump Pump Surcharge Fee is being charged again this year to any home that is discharging its sump pump incorrectly, as well as to any home that has not had a sump pump inspection.  The District will also be having a hearing in March to decide on an additional fee that will start being charged monthly.  Please contact the District to schedule an inspection, if you haven't already done so.  Additional fees and fines may be imposed on homes that do not correct their sump pumps that are discharging into the sewer system.  

New Contractor Regulations
If you are a contractor working within the District we now have new regulations that you will need to be sure you are following.  Click here to see what you need to do in order to keep working within the District.

Sewer Back Ups​
What is a sewer backup?  A backup occurs when raw sewage overflows from your toilet, tub, sink or any drain in your home.  They're common in older homes and homes with basements.  Click here for a brochure that provides vital information for protecting your home from damage and for recovering from losses if they occur.  You can also visit for more information.